Baranof Yacht Sales is geared towards providing better ownership experience through greater attention to detail and project management added to each new yacht built.

Why we carefully review installation for each of the systems aboard. Because it matters.

A real-world example of this would be locating a water maker right next to a stern thruster. This was on a 62 foot well-known brand we had helped change cruising grounds from Seattle to Southeast Alaska for the summer. Great boat. But we noticed the water maker was directly above the stern thruster, so any leaks can and did occur regularly.

The leak from the water maker on the electronics of a stern thruster are a guaranteed conflict to reliable thruster use when docking. We have seen one replaced, only to see the second unit with the same symptom. Our recommendation was to adjust the location of the water maker filters and pumps – by only a foot – and you would go from solving the symptom to actually solving the problem. Given the cost to replace the stern thruster was $22,500, a second unit getting ruined was hard for us to not speak up. We recommended a location change and mitigation steps that would ensure better operations for both systems.

What looks great on a set of yacht plans may not work best when ultimately built.
Our efforts are geared towards reducing those potential issues
before they are built into the yacht.

It was also one of the inspirations for Baranof Yacht Sales as well. This was a problem unfortunately built into this specific boat. Had someone been able to closely review the installation before the new yacht was completed, the water maker could have been moved to a farther location and some protection created for the stern thruster to ensure salt water spray from a leak would not ruin it.

This example of one particular installation is part of what we do. From service, maintenance, livability, lighting, safety, construction and safety standards, Baranof Yacht Sales coordinates with the Builder to ensure these areas get a review to help reduce these potential conflicts.

It improves not only initial quality, but also saves the Builder on warranty, owners time and frustration, and in the years to follow, reduced maintenance costs and increased service life. Happy owners improve their own resale value because they talk to other boaters. That is why Baranof Yacht Sales was created. We like what we do, and we like seeing yachts out cruising successfully year after year.

We work to boil issues down to their elements to solve the problem, not the symptom.

Our approach at Baranof Yacht Sales core business is to improve the new yacht build process for buyers, and yacht builders. We worked that problem from back to front, so that you, our buyers, can have a positive new yacht building experience, enjoy your yacht the day you take delivery, and continue to enjoy it when you are out cruising years later.

We approach every element of the project looking forward for future maintenance and service requirements, and resale. We want each yacht we deliver to not only LOOK great, but to also OPERATE well in the years to follow.

To that end, we focus on installation of systems that will be the backbone of your yachting experiences. Service of these systems is key to not only the service life of the system, your warranty, but also you and your family’s enjoyment. As a captain, this effort comes naturally so taking the critical eye to making subtle improvements to allow easier access for service can mean the difference between replacing a system after a few years, or well over a decade later.

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