It all started with a phone call.

Baranof Yacht Sales was started with a single phone call based on a broker trying to find the right shipyard for his client’s new build dreams.  It has become a place where other buyers can come to build a new yacht.  We offer several experienced and capable yacht builders and their yacht brands.   Our buyers can choose what model and brand suits their style, budget, and dreams, and discuss ideas they have had on the wish-list for a long time.

New yachts take time to build, so we don’t have any on a showroom to get you aboard, other than those yachts already out cruising and are on the market.  The good news is that you don’t have to settle for whatever is sitting around for someone with great teeth to talk you into buying.

Ours is the business of “new” – layout arrangement drawings, stone and fabric samples, and equipment specifications and how it all comes together.

We will build your yacht – created just for you.

Our buyers don’t need to settle for a stock boat. There are no two of our brands built exactly the same – we work with you to build it for your interior styling and colors, layout, and upgrades that make it bespoke; custom built specifically for you.  We offer proven yacht brands and models that are tailored to your tastes.

Baranof Yacht Sales is in business to sell new yachts because we enjoy the process, the time and effort it takes to create such a complex blend of art and machinery, and we simply love being on the water.

In native culture the orca symbol represents family, romance, longevity,
harmony, travel, community and protection.

These are the ideas that we believe in
and seek to bring to life in every yacht experience.

The Baranof namesake

Baranof Yacht Sales is named for an island in Southeast Alaska, a remote hot springs. It is part of the Inside Passage that most people think of when they cruise Canada’s British Columbia Alaska.

These remote places and previous adventures are the inspiration for creating Baranof Yachts. Our brand was inspired by the Orca whale—often see on our throughout our founding partner’s yachting career in the Pacific Northwest, as well as in Mexico. In native culture the orca symbol represents family, romance, longevity, harmony, travel, community and protection. It is said the orca protects those who travel away from home and will then lead them back when it’s time to come home. In that spirit, Baranof Yachts was born. These are the characteristics we find in yachting—and we hope you will too.

Nothing can describe the moment being in the presence of these cetaceans as they approach you, surfacing for breaths, and seeing that glistening and regal black fin coursing though the water. When they breach and come flying up out of the water the sound is powerful and rich.

The freedom, the self-sufficiency, and the broad range of potential adventures is why we love yachting. We bring this experience and passion for the yachting industry to your new yacht.

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