This is where the shipwrights, designers, and managers begin to take your dreams from drawings to tangible elements we can touch and feel.

Many yacht buyers want to visit the shipyard during construction to see their yacht being built. The stages of construction best suited to a visit is near the later part of the process. While noisy, dusty, and hot, buyers can get a good sense of the structure and begin to imagine how it will all look when finished. If time for stone and fabric selections remain, this allows buyers the time to visit the suppliers to choose slabs themselves. With technology today, we also can do this via phones and virtual meetings for buyers that cannot make a visit to the shipyard.

The basic steps of the Build Process are divided between the major milestones: hull construction, engine and major systems installation, support systems to include electrical and plumbing, and finishing. At each stage of construction, inspections, and review of the project with Project Management and Shipyard Department heads takes place. Additional inspections with any Classification representatives and all major systems are coordinated with our Project Manager.

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