Ordering a new yacht with Baranof Yacht Sales is fun and exciting,
from idea, to paper, to realization

We offer brands that offer a wide variety of styles, layouts and performance. While the photos of our yachts show what has been built—we encourage you to review details from counter surfaces, interior wood and finishes, and fabric selections for soft goods and settees and make them your own. We work to make your dream of that extra special feature that would make your yacht complete. We will work to smartly incorporate it into a yacht for lasting value and appeal. We know this is a very big purchase and make sure you are informed of every available choice and decision at every step of the way.

Three types of new yacht construction financing

Identify your source of funding for your new yacht, whether funds you already have set aside for the deposit and progress payments, or backed by other financial assets.

• Cash buyers who self-finance

• Cash buyers who finance the build, then apply a marine loan.

• Buyers that finance through their own banks and once built, apply a marine loan.

Until it is a completed yacht with a Hull Identification Number, typical marine lenders will not be able to attach a loan on the yacht. Connect with your private financial institution to use other financial assets that can be collateral for the deposit and progress payments needed to fund the construction until it is completed. Once the yacht is finished at the shipyard, a marine loan can be perfected and added to the yacht before shipping to the US.

The basics of the order process

The yacht models represented by Baranof Yacht Sales offer carefully selected, pre-configured and compatible packages ready to cruise. So, your new yacht construction will not waste time waiting for delivery and installation of necessary equipment. Each model is packaged as a complete “cruise-ready” yacht to not unduly delay your enjoyment of your yacht. These packages are selected to be entirely compatible with all other shipboard systems, allowing you time to choose the extra details and styling to personalize your new yacht to you and your family’s lifestyle. We are pet lovers, and we are able to incorporate design changes to accommodate four-legged family members.

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