Timing and technique. A symphony conductor knows what each instrument sounds like and when it should come in during the performance, and how it is played to its best effect. Whether yacht building or a symphony—getting it right coordinates a collection of highly skilled artists so that they create amazing performances. We help make a collection of systems and materials become a great yacht.

Our project management is included with every boat purchase. Prior to any construction, we review your design, specifications and options to identify the unique requirements of all equipment and the configuration and relationship between all installed equipment. Our thoroughness ensures access to systems during routine and major maintenance to reduce the time and money impact on the owner. We look for conflicts in routine service such as removing filters, changing parts, and conducting maintenance. In addition, important but simple tasks such as washing the yacht to see where drains are located and how to reach each level safely. We also review closely to see how it will react to different weather conditions (day or night), to ensure the most satisfying cruising experience.

The reason we do this is because our background in the marine environment ranges from military vessels and blue water experience to years of yacht operations. We assume something will leak, break, stop working or need replacing at least convenient moment and work with the builder to minimize cost and inconvenience when addressing problems.

Besides making sure that everything looks great as you walk into your new yacht, our efforts behind the scenes provide owners with the depth of quality for increased owner satisfaction while new and well into their cruising life.

This effort is really never seen by anyone until it comes time to service or repair a system. Our favorite words we like to hear in those moments are “Oh, that wasn’t too hard to fix”.

Our builders are the finest, however customizations (or change orders) frequently result in secondary and tertiary effects to power, space management, structure, sound dampening, and other systems. These effects need review and implementation to get the benefits the change orders or custom requests intended.

During the build we conduct regular inspections of your project. The pace of activity can be dizzying, and we take an objective look as captains and owners to spot future problems and correct them before they are baked into the final product. Sub-systems change with manufacturer upgrades: improved water pumps might be larger or have relocated connectors, requiring space management compromises or rerouting of hoses. These changes must be well considered while it is installed amongst other critical systems and finished paneling. Access is key.

On a typical yacht, 1 to 5 years, even 10 can pass before an issue might occur for a system aboard. Our results on how that potential issue is addressed and repaired will show the forethought we put into each of our yachts. Our goal is for better performance and easier service reduce these instances, and the chances a system leak, failure, or maintenance issue does not keep you from enjoying as much time on the water as possible. Improving access to a system and expecting it can fail will reduce owner expense when the time comes to replace that part or system. We want to save our owners upfront costs as well as costs years from now.

These are the key reasons our project management is part of our service. We advise you of potential issues and our proposed solutions to improve outcomes.

These are the key reasons our project management is part of our service. We advise you of potential issues and our proposed solutions to improve outcomes. We coordinate with the shipyard department managers to make sure everyone is able to add input and source the best solution for the best performance of that topic. We are incentivized to make your project a success. While our project management measurably reduces warranty work, we feel the greatest measure of our success is the years of enjoyment you receive from your yacht and the eventual resale value you realize.

Our expertise and attention to detail will ensure a win-win relationship for the yacht’s owner and builder. As always, quality takes time. It is why we recommend a delivery date not based on a date important to an event a buyer hopes to attend, but a date that produces a quality yacht in the usual time it takes to build a great yacht.

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