The construction of luxury yachts in Taiwan has always being profoundly known to the world.
Among them Transworld Yachts under the vision of it founder Mr. Chun-Hong Chu is known to have
the uttermost craftsmanship with years of experience and development to deliver its customers with the best in trend and custom design.

Dating back to 1976, Transworld Yachts is currently still located in its original location in Shan-chi of New Taipei City. As with all the top yacht builder in the world, the company is dedicated, and have been delivering renown designs of various custom builds to Europe, United States, Middle East and Japan.

Where to start?

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Transworld 58

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Transworld 76

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Using the latest technology in 3D design and moulding, electrical engineering and system development. Transworld Yachts work in close collaboration with the best design companies in Taiwan as well as around the globe.

To satisfy the most prestige and demanding customers, Transworld Yachts has dedicated the last 15years in manufacturing 120 feet custom build yachts. These magnificent masterpieces can be seen in Europe, Middle East and the United States.

In recent years due to the global demand in energy saving and prevention of global warming, Transworld Yachts has also taken the responsibility to manufacture solar energy powered cruisers to reduce the consumption of fuel. The solar power cruiser manufactured by Transworld Yachts is more energy efficient and take up 50% of the current running cruisers in Sun Moon Lake (the biggest tourist attraction lake in Taiwan). Transworld Yachts is doing its part for the environment by providing a cleaner ecosystem for the tourist and residents in the area.

For the future, Transworld Yachts looks to continue its advantage in building the best custom yachts in Taiwan as well as keeping its development in environment friendly solutions to provide our next generation with a more comfortable and cleaner world.

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